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Optimize your health with Rivvey

 Personalized Health & Lifestyle 

Tailored Health & Performance Plans for Your Unique Needs

Affordable Programs

We carry out in-depth assessments to build plans tailored to your body and goals. Rivvey will use evidence and science based strategies to help you achieve the best possible results.

Track Your Progress Towards Your Health Goals

 Expert Coaching and Protocols

We give you the tools and knowledge you need to optimize your health and lifestyle in areas such as nutrition, exercise and recovery. 

Expert Coaching and Protocols at Your Fingertips

Detailed Analysis and Insights

We collect data from weekly assessments and wearable technology like smartwatches, sleep trackers and CGMs. With data analysis, insights and expert coaching, Rivvey customizes and refines plans to ensure you stay on track to meet your goals. 

We focus on key areas to help you feel your best

Lifestyle changes
Sleep & Recovery
Stress Management
Focus on Nutrition, Lifestyle, Sleep & Recovery, Stress Management, Longevity, Energy, and Fitness

Pillars of good health

We all have health goals. Whether its improving our nutrition, getting fit or optimizing sleep, our plans can help you.  


Rivvey will provide you with the tools  you need to make realistic and sustainable changes to your nutrition. With our plans, you can learn how to make better nutritional choices, set realistic weight loss goals whilst maintaining a balanced lifestyle.

Make Nutritious Choices for a Balanced Lifestyle
Achieve Your Fitness Goals with Personalized Exercise Plans
Exercise & Movement

Whether you are looking to build muscle, lose weight, improve agility, or add more daily movement, we will help you reach your fitness goals. We combine knowledge and expertise with the latest fitness technology to create a personalized program.

Sleep & Stress Management

By offering personalized programs and using tools such as sleep and stress tracking devices , Rivvey can create a plan tailored to each person's unique needs to improve sleep and manage stress effectively. 

Effective Stress Management and Improved Sleep Quality

Unlock your best health

Wearables & Apps

From wearables to apps, Rivvey will use these tools to build and refine your tailored program. Whilst wearable tech and health apps give you data, we will collect and analyse it in detail so you can better understand your body.

AI & Data Analysis

We use the latest AI technology and data analysis tools to provide personalized insights into a person’s health and fitness. Based on what we find, we will pick tools and protocols from areas such as recovery, sleep and nutrition to help you. We can identify trends and patterns and develop a systematic approach to your health. 

Personalized Approach

We are all unique and respond in different ways to foods, exercise and stress. This is why having a personalized approach to optimizing your health is key. Cutting-edge technology combined with our detailed analysis and tracking will help you get the most out of your health journey.

Harness the Power of Wearables & Apps for a Tailored Health Program
Data-Driven Insights for a Systematic Approach to Health

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Personalized health and lifestyle coaching with customized goals. Monthly plans include access to the Rivvey app which provides you with your tailored health, nutrition and fitness plan, coaching from our experts and detailed health and lifestyle insights. Choose from our two plans below.

Base Plan

2 goals a month

2 week free trial

$5 per month

Cancel anytime

Advanced Plan

4 goals a month

Detailed insights & analysis

$10 per month

Cancel anytime

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"Health is not valued till sickness comes"

Thomas Fuller

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